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It may sound strange, but it always happens: skin that produces a lot of sebum and therefore looks and feels oily, and at the same time firm because it contains very little moisture. If you notice this feeling, this article can help you moisturize your skin naturally while regulating sebum production. With the 3 care tips below you can get your skin back in balance!

1.Try Natural Oil!

Amazing news has been circulating online for a while: natural oils are a great way to take care of your oily, dehydrated skin. Many people will be skeptical at first by applying oily lotion to already oily skin, but that is wrong. Natural oils are soft on your skin and do not contain chemical additives that can cause dehydration. However, they contain nutritious vitamins and protective antioxidants.

If you have very oily skin, jojoba oil is a good option, because the texture is very similar to that of the sebum we produce. This gives your skin the message that there is already enough sebum and sebum production decreases. Also, jojoba oil has many moisturizing properties. Argon oil is an excellent choice for dry, mature skin. This one is a little rich and is known for its excellent anti-aging properties.

2.Thoroughly clean your skin

Regular cleansing of oily skin is important, as your pores will close quickly due to the large amount of sebum. However, oily skin cleansers tend to be aggressive so they absorb moisture from your skin. So try a natural alternative, such as washing your face with live honey (from a bottle is best) with warm water. Natural oils are good for removing eye makeup (even waterless mascara).

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3.Be wise with water

Lubricating oil after bathing is highly recommended, because at that time your skin is clean and your pores are open, allowing you to absorb nutrients properly. Also try to apply oil to your wet skin. Do not shower too hot, as this will dry out your skin too, so you can see the lines quickly. If you really like the hot tub, make sure the water jet does not hit your face directly.

Moisture and oil return to balance

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Skin that feels oily and firm at the same time is a serious problem. Learn more about the causes of oily skin and how you can better care for oily skin here.

With these tips you can make the skin feel soft, smooth and hydrated too.